-Making of Wanda- our van build

I remember sitting in college classes day-dreaming of van life and what it’d be like. I could almost smell myself already, day 5 of a climbing trip, sleeping in a Westfalia, dirt baggin’ it…sunburnt and happy.  I pitched the idea to Michelle and braced myself for a hard no; however, instead she said, “I’ll live in a van, as long as its cute!” So we got to work searching for the perfect house on wheels and researching how to turn it into a home. 

Every moment that should’ve been spent studying for finals was spent on YouTube, reading van blogs, or working on the van after class. The “work space” of our college apartment consisted of one parking space and a patch of grass that was smaller than the van itself. That didn’t do much to deter us and we soon became everyone’s least favorite neighbor as the sounds of sawing windows through sheet metal and clouds of sawdust drifted through the parking lot. 

After months of work and thousands of splinters and trips to Home Depot, she was ready for the open road. Wanda has enabled us to live on our own terms for the last year, and has stoked our desire to always travel and always roam.

Hope you enjoy watching the build and can see all the love that went into making Wanda.

Logan DeLaCastro